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North Blanco County EMS is a non-profit organization which has been providing compassionate and competent pre-hospital emergency care to the citizens of Blanco County for the past 47 years under contract to the North Blanco County Emergency Services District #1. 


CHP Program

The community paramedic program has been active in Blanco County for a little over a year now. It is a vital initiative that aims to provide comprehensive healthcare services to underserved populations within our community. This program involves trained paramedics who go beyond traditional emergency medical response roles to deliver preventive care, health education, resources, and ongoing support to individuals and families. The Community paramedic works closely with local healthcare providers, social workers, and other community organizations to identify and address the specific needs of the population. By conducting home visits, organizing health clinics, and collaborating with community resources, this program ensures that people receive timely and appropriate care, reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and improving overall health outcomes. The community paramedic program serves as a bridge between emergency medical services and primary healthcare, fostering a compassionate and proactive approach to wellness within the community.


The program has proven to be highly effective in improving healthcare outcomes and addressing the unique needs of the community. By bringing healthcare services directly to the citizens of the community, our program has shown a reduction in emergency room visits and hospital readmissions, leading to cost savings for both patients and the healthcare system. Through preventive care and health education, the community paramedic program helps individuals better manage chronic conditions, prevent complications, and promote healthier lifestyles. The program also plays a crucial role in identifying social determinants of health, such as housing instability or food insecurity, and connects individuals with appropriate resources and support networks. This integrated approach to healthcare has resulted in improved patient satisfaction, increased access to care, and a stronger sense of community well-being. The community paramedic program has truly become an indispensable component of comprehensive healthcare delivery, fostering a healthier and more resilient Blanco County community.

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