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STAR Flight Air Medical Service Facility Update

North Blanco County Emergency Services District No. 1 has recently transferred 3.5 acres of land adjacent to our Round Mountain VFD Fire Station to Blanco County for use as the site of the Travis County STAR Flight helicopter base, and Blanco County Emergency Medical Services ambulance location. Thies project is an historic cooperative effort among Blanco and Travis counties, ESD 1 and the ground and air medical service providers.

Round Mountain is an ideal location for air and ground medical staff and vehicles as it decreases response time dramatically for both ground and air responders. Much of the growth in Blanco County is in the northern area, served by North Blanco County EMS. Southern Burnet County is also seeing rapid growth with new subdivisions just to our north.

Flight times for STAR Flight helicopters from their base in Austin can be close to 30 minutes to these locations and having the resources in Round Mountain will cut that time be as much as one-half. Ground ambulance response times will also b e greatly reduced when staff and equipment are stationed in Round Mountain.

STAR Flight helicopters are also equipped for hoist evacuations, adn firefighting as well as night vision capabilities for assisting law enforcement or medical personnel in locating persons on teh grouind.

North Blanco County ESD 1 is pleased to support the efforts of Blanco County leadership in bringing this project to fruition. Improving health care delivery is a priority for the ESD and the facility planned for Round Mountain will be a great improvement for our community.

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